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Focus On What You Would Like To Do

October 11th, 2015 / by / in: Potential Business Possibilities / No responses

This is my business. I am motivating and encouraging you towards taking your first lucrative and empowering steps into being your own boss but with the caveat that you are essentially operating every aspect of something you truly love on a commercial level now and at home. This is my business. I am a commercial blogger by trade. Most of my own inspiration comes from reading the stories of how other moms have succeeded in their new lives. This is my business, so today; I thought I’d tell you about the nature and some of the processes of blogging as a business. I believe in it, and I believe that everyone who at least has a love for words should at least give this not so easy to start up business a try.

Why do I say; not so easy. Well, for starters, once you’ve set up your first website, which can take some time to do if it’s done right, you’re not going to be making money as quickly as, say someone in the catering business. In catering, once the advertising and infrastructure is taken care of, business owners can start managing their orders right away. Part of that management means proper invoicing and ensuring that they have clients on board who are willing to at least part-pay for the catering do’s before it is delivered.

But blogging for a living works a lot differently, especially, with no known name or online presence to speak of, if you are new in the game. It takes time; months even, to start realizing some sort of positive stream of income. In order to make ends meet as a commercial writer, you have to continuously canvass for new business wide of your blogging enterprise. It must have taken me at least a year before I started to see profitable possibilities, but I also had to make other changes, like moving house, in order to make life, in general, a bit more affordable.

Nevertheless, I am here. It’s also my business and I am quite proud of it. It’s hard, yes, but after a few years we’re still going at it. There’s no need to give up. The world’s changing and I’ve given myself a head-start in starting up my own business while others now approaching similar predicaments that I was once faced with, are now beginning to sweat as to what the future must hold for them. There are those that I feel for. Simply put, that’s all they wanted to do, the jobs that they were given to do, nothing else. When they get home at night, all they want to do is relax. That’s understandable. Who wouldn’t after a long, hard day in someone else’s office?

But here’s the thing. So you do love what you’re already doing at the office or in someone else’s factory. Do you honestly believe that you’ll be in trouble once you’ve been handed that dreaded pink slip. Come off it. Use your noodle. At this point, you could be making life harder for the company that just ditched you. You could become their competitor. Think of the exciting prospects. If you really are that good at what you’re doing, and you really love what you’re doing, surely your clients already know all of this. It’s going to sound like a movie, but right now, you could be sending out feelers to your client, informing them that you’re going it alone, not fired, and would love it if they came with you too.

Not only that, you’ll be explaining to them how your new office environment works in their favor. Because it’s at home, it’s likely to be more relaxed and comfortable for clients if they ever have to visit you. But because you’re so good with people, you’ll be making the effort to convenience them by calling on them instead. Although you can communicate online, I always believe the personal touch works wonders for the stressed-out client during challenging business climes. There, I think I’ve said enough for one day. Time for a break. See you soon.