Let Real Moms Speak

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Do you love talking about how exciting it is to be a mom? Do you want to share your day-to-day experiences to find out if other moms out there share your thoughts? Do you look forward to the day when you will be writing all about mommy experiences and be paid for it? If all these questions leave a smile on your face, then writing might be something you could get into. And today, writing online is simply called blogging. Perhaps you can become the blogger mom that you have always wanted to be. The best thing about this thought is the fact that people are willing to pay to hear your side of the story.

There is always something about being a mom that you can blog about. From the unfortunate stain on your favourite white shirt to the first mumbling of the first word, there is certainly a lot of topics that only moms and moms alike can relate to. If you’re just starting out, here are some blogging ideas you might want to look into:

  • The home. You can speak about how possible and impossible it is to manage a home when you’re raising kids too. You can speak about how you deal with the day-to-day challenges that come your way. Your ideas of how to manage a home can be the answer to another mom’s problem.
  • The school. How do you make sure that your kid learns what he should at his age? You can begin to write about school and how you are helping your kid manage the activities in school. You can even share your teaching techniques to other moms who may be looking for a means to help their children.
  • Saving. You can write blogs about how you can save money. You’d be surprised at the wide readership of this topic. Since it is the mom’s job to manage everything at home, including the finances, you can write about how you are able to buy everything and make each time efficiently used at home in order to save money.
  • Motivation. What does it take to make you get out of bed while everyone else is asleep just so you can prepare breakfast for the entire family? You can write about how the real feelings and be able to inspire other women. You can write about your church and your beliefs.

If you only let real moms speak, you can learn a lot from them.